Watching movies overseas – Google Chrome

Watching movies overseas – Google Chrome

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In a few minutes you will be able to watch all the shows and movies you are used to watching from your home.  Follow the three steps below and you will have on your computer on the Chrome browser.  Don’t panic, it is a short process and we are close-by to help if you get stuck. (Instructions for other browsers coming soon).

1. Start by typing “” in your address bar and press enter.1

2. Click on the blue button that say “Get Hola, It’s Free”

3. Click on “Add”. Don’t worry, it’s OK to press Add. The only modification is that it will make the site appear as if you were browsing from home.

You  now have hola on your Chrome browser.

Please follow the steps below to view your favorite movies and shows.

1. Type in the address bar the service of your choice. We are using Netflix for our example.


2. Click on the Hola! icon to the right (see red arrow), and a drop down menu will appear.


3. Click on the country the service is from. In this case it is the US.


4. If you will see the country flag instead of the Hola! icon you are now connected. Now you just sign in to your account and can start browsing for your favorite movies and TV shows. Enjoy!



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