What is an App plus 8 Favorite Apps

What is an App plus 8 Favorite Apps

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App is an abbreviation for application and is software that allows your computer, smart phone or tablet to perform useful tasks. We hear the word used mostly for smart phones and tablets. Many phone and tablet Apps are free or cost approximately $1. Some of the most useful Apps save you time in doing the tasks you are trying to accomplish. This is a very personal thing and your interests will dictate the Apps you want to download (we will show you how to do this in another tip). Below are eight of our favorite Apps. Please feel free to submit yours in the comment box below.

                            Favorite Apps for Tablets and Smart Phones

1. Yelp – Locates places you are looking for like the closest gas station, movie theater or restaurant. It will also provide reviews, phone numbers and directions

2. Waze- A reliable GPS App that will help you on the road and will talk you through every  turn in clear English. It alerts you to accidents and tells you the best route to take for the days traffic conditions.

3. White & Yellow pages. Find anyone or any business while at home or in your car.

4. Weather Channel – No need to explain this one.

5. Flixster– Product reviews

6. Zite – Aggregates the news for you and saves you lots of time sifting through various sites

7. Solitaire- For those who love to play games

8. WebMD – Timely health and medical information





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