Tech Gadgets for Boomers and Seniors

Tech Gadgets for Boomers and Seniors

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We are very lucky to be living at a time when there are so many technological advancements to help us not only live better, but also to age gracefully.

A wonderful article was written by Pamela Poole in the Huffington Post about some of the latest tech gadgets for us to enjoy. Click the link below to read it.

Leave It To Boomers: Transforming Aging With Tech

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Yes, as a post boomer, who lives alone, I have a whole emergency call system. And, being semi disabled by arthritis—I say semi because it could be a lot worse—I use a powered toothbrush. Of course, there are my cell phone, iPad, computer and the Internet that are making my life easier and more secure.
However, I think that you don’t have to be a boomer or even a post boomer to benefit personally from many of the new innovative technologies in this article.
The most important lesson is not to be afraid of technology. As a computer teacher once told me, “Just plug it in and use it!”
And, have BoomerSurf close-by to help you over that panic bump.

June 11, 2014 at 8:16 pm

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