Skype – Updates for PC and Mac

Skype – Updates for PC and Mac

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Why update?

Skype is  periodically improving itself to enhance your experience and security. You may not notice the difference but it is a good practice to have the latest version.

Skype update for Mac                 (Skype updates for PC to follow step 5)

1) Click Skype and then click Check for Updates.

skype mac arrow 2

2) Skype will check for updates.

Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 3.17.17 PM

3) Click Install on Quit.

skype mac arrow

4) Skype will download and install.

Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 3.17.40 PM

5) Skype will quit and reopen for the update to take place.

Skype update for PC

1) Click help.

2) Click Check for Updates.

1 copy

3) A window will appear. Click on Download.

2 copy

4) Click upgrade. After you click upgrade the computer will make a sound and ask for your administrative approval to upgrade Skype. Click Yes. This action will not change anything on the computer but will just install Skype.

4 copy

skype arrow 1

5) The Updating Skype software will open. Select your language (the default is English). Keep the check-box marked if you would like Skype to open automatically when you start Windows and unmark it if you would like to open Skype manually when Windows opens.

6) Click I agree-next

5 copy

7) Keep the check-box marked if you would like to change your browser homepage to MSN and unmark it (click on where the check mark is) if you would like to leave your homepage unchanged. Keep the check-box marked if you would like to set Yandex\Bing to be your search engine in your browser. Unmark it if you would  like to leave your search engine unchanged.

All software companies will try to have you switch to their chosen browser and search engine and you must always look at the boxes that are checked to make sure you really want to do what is suggested. Keeping them checked can cause you to have all kinds of changes that you may not want.

8) Click Continue.

6 copy

9) Unmark the checkbox (click on it) if you don’t want to install “Skype Click”. We recommend that you unmark it for now and we will elaborate on Skype Click in another post.

10) Click continue.


11) Skype will install the new update.


12) Skype will shutdown and reopen in the updated form.


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