Skype – Making a Video Call on Mac

Skype – Making a Video Call on Mac

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Skype is a wonderful way to stay in touch with your loved ones. It combines the best of the phone and the ability to see each other on the video. Skype works all over the world.   Plus…and this is the greatest… it is FREE to call from your Skype to another person’s Skype.

How do you make a Skype call on a Mac?

1. Open Skype on your computer by clicking on the Skype icon Skype icon.  To locate Skype, first look on your dock with the other icons at the bottom of your computer, or on your desktop.

2. Enter your username and password.  If you forgot your password, click on Can’t access your account?  Skype will send you an email telling you how to get a new password.  Follow their directions to choose another password.  We highly recommend you check the box that says, “Sign me in when Skype starts”. (See red arrow below). This way you do not have to remember your password every time.

Sign In Page with down arrow

3.  We suggest you watch the very short video on how to make a voice call on Skype.  (Click below red arrow.)Skype how to make a call

4. Next, test your sound to make sure it is working properly. Click on the box  “Make a test call”.  (Click below red arrow.) Test call for mic

5. Now, you are ready to call someone in your contacts list.  You see a green symbol with the check mark next to her name Screen Shot 2014-04-11 at 11.10.49 AM. This shows she is online.  Click on the name of the person.  Her name now appears at the top of the page with the green symbol. (See left arrow below.)  Look to your right.  There, in green, is Video call.  (See right arrow below.)  Click to make your video call.
Paula Video Call

6.  A new screen will open. You will see it says ‘Ringing’,  and you will hear it too.  In the picture below, there is a red diagonal line through the video camera icon. (See arrow on left below.)  Once the person answers, if the red line is still there, click on the video symbol. It’s that camera icon. Now, you should be able to hear and see each other.

Ringing Paula on Skype

7.  After your conversation, click on the image of the red phone to hang up. (In the picture above, the up-arrow shows you this red phone.)

8.  Someone is calling you?  Click on the green image to answer it. Screen Shot 2014-04-11 at 11.03.51 AM


Remember to hear and see each other, your computer has to have a built-in camera and microphone.  Or, you must have added a camera and microphone to your computer.   If you need additional help with your camera and microphone, right click here on the blue for Microphone and Camera and then on “Open in a new tab”.

 Now just talk away—–and for free.

BoomerSurf  hopes you succeeded.  However, if not, don’t worry. Please feel free to contact our helpers by clicking on Live Help at the top of your BoomerSurf screen.



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