Sharing a Photo on iPhone – iOS 6

Sharing a Photo on iPhone – iOS 6

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The iPhone makes it easy to take a picture and almost instantly share it with friends or family. You can also load it into your computer and send from there but sending directly from your phone is faster. To attach photos to an email, you must first make sure you have your email address in the phone. Click on blue link if you need help in setting up your email account  

How to share a photo?

1. Press on the Camera icon iphone-camera-icon on your home page  to use the camera.

2. In the bottom left corner of the screen is a thumbnail of the last picture you’ve taken.  To send a picture, tap on this thumbnail.

Thumbnail picture in iPhone

3.The last picture you took will now be displayed on the screen, along with some icons on the top and bottom of the screen.  These icons will disappear after a few seconds.  If they disappear, or if you don’t see them, simply tap on the screen to bring the icons back.  If you would like to send a different picture than the last one taken, move on to step 4.  Otherwise, skip to step 5.

4. If you would like to send a different picture than the last one taken, tap the screen to bring up the image icons.  On the top left of the screen is a button that says “Camera Roll”.  Tap this button.  When you do, you will see a page of thumbnails with every picture you’ve taken.  Swipe up or down to scroll.  When you find the image you want to send, tap on the thumbnail.


5. Tap the share icon on the left of the screen as shown below. It may also be located second from left on some iPhones as shown above.

photo (7)

6. A screen opens, displaying an options menu. You may have some additional options to choose from on your screen, like sending to Facebook, if you have the Facebook App (free App) downloaded in your phone. Below displays your iPhone screen depending on the version you have.

Options list picture sharing icons

 Choose how you would want to share it and click on its icon below.

facebook email

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