Sharing a photo on your Facebook page from your computer

Sharing a photo on your Facebook page from your computer

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Sharing photos on your Facebook page from your computer is a fun way to share.

We walk you step-by-step through the process.


Written tip

1) Open your Facebook page.


2) In the new post box start by clicking where it says Photo/Video.


3) Click on Upload Photos/Video


4) A new window will open. It is important to know what folder you stored your picture in. Most likely it is in your Photo folder or your Downloads folder.


5) Search for the photo you would like to share. The photo we have chosen is located in the Downloads folder and called “sample photo”.


6) Click on the photo and then on Open or Choose at the bottom right corner of the window.


7) Wait for the photo to upload to Facebook. After it’s finished uploading you will see the photo at the bottom of the new post box. If you don’t like this photo and want to delete it instead of sharing it, move your cursor to the top right side of the picture and you will see an X. Press the X to delete and you can start over with choosing another photo.


8) If you want to write something about the picture write it where it say’s “say something about this photo…”.


9) If you want to share more than one photo click on the plus sign next to the photo you just uploaded and repeat the same steps you did for the first photo.


10) Click on Post.


11) You’ll now see your new post with the photos you shared.


If you are still having trouble posting a picture on your Facebook page, please click on Live Help at the top of the screen and someone will be with you shortly to walk you through this.

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