Setting up email account – Smart Phone

Setting up email account – Smart Phone

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Most of us want to receive our emails on the go but don’t realize  when we get our new phones our email accounts may not be set up. If you buy the phone from a store you can ask them to set up your email for you. If you buy one second hand you will need to set this up yourself.  If you want to send pictures directly from your phone you will need to have your email account in your phone.

How do you do this?

1. Tap on your Settings icon on your homepage. Displayed are the icons for the iPhone  ipad-settings-icon and the Samsung Settings icon for Samsung phone

2. Scroll down to Mail, Contacts, Calendar and tap on it.

3. You will see your accounts listed if they are there and below the listed accounts it says Add Account.

4. Tap on Add Account if you don’t see your email and you will see all the standard email companies along with Other.

5. Tap on your email provider and then fill in your email information.

6. You will need to know what your password is in order to have this succeed. If you  forgot your password you will need to say you do not remember it and they will resend you a link (writing will be in blue) to be able to change your password. You will need to do this on your computer or tablet.

7. Please write down your password in a safe place and date it each time you change it. Many of us like to have a little book but please do not write Passwords on the outside of it for obvious reasons.

Most smartphones have a similar process. If you don’t see you phone listed or need help with this please contact us below and we will be happy to assist you.

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