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The larger the web becomes, the more important your privacy and security becomes. Sometimes you get e-mails and are not sure whether to open them or not. In addition you find it annoying to receive an e-mail with half the page taken up by forwarded e-mail addresses of the last 50 people who received it from other people.

What should you do about this?

1. Resist the urge to forward the e-mails that say “forward to everyone you know.”

2. If you do want to forward an e-mail, first remove the e-mail addresses of the previous people (along with their personal messages to you), this way: highlight everything you want to get rid of and then press the Delete key.

3. If you are sending an email to multiple people, it is a good practice to put additional addresses in the Bcc field. This prevents everyone from seeing everyone else’s e-mail address. If you don’t find Bcc (Blind Carbon Copy) under Cc (Carbon Copy), click on the menu box with the arrow as shown in the image below. You can check the Bcc field to make it your outgoing page standard.

Screen shot 2013-05-11 at 3.01.29 PM4. Check out all suspicious e-mails before opening them by going to one of these sites;, or

5. If an e-mail is from someone you know, but has a long list of recipients and a link that looks suspicious, your friend’s email address may have been hacked. Before you click on the link, reply to your friend to verify that they actually did send it. And if they didn’t, advise them to change their email password.

                                                                                                                        Stay safe!





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