What are Photo Books and why make them?

What are Photo Books and why make them?

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Modern photo books are similar to traditional photo albums except printed copies of your ‘digital images’ are displayed on the pages.  Companies like Mixbook, Shutterfly, Apple and many others allow you to create your own personalized photo book. They are printed on digital color printers and are nicely bound and can be ordered in various sizes. Companies offer easy creations of photo books with professional layouts, along with customized layout capabilities. The software solutions come with free downloads or through Apps, and the total cost for making the books is reasonable….around $30 for a completed book and sometimes including shipping. If you are a Mac user, you can make a photo book straight from your iPhoto App where your pictures are already stored.

Anyone over 40 remembers the good ole photo albums with lots of warmth and great pride. You displayed them prominently on your coffee tables and proudly showed them to anyone who showed the slightest interest. Fast forward to the years 2004+ and the digital era for pictures came on in full force. You took loads of pictures with your new toys (first cameras and then smart phones), and many of you didn’t have a clue as to how to load them into your computers. So there they sat, hidden in the devices…and  maybe even sit to this day. Let’s hope not.  Many of you don’t want to rely on your kids to look inside your computers to see all the wonderful pictures you might have stored. Photo Books are also a great way to keep your legacy alive.

In any case, the millions of pictures that people took just had to find a way to be displayed. Yes, there are all kinds of table top displays, but recently the photo books are back and what a great way to preserve your memories for all to see. This time, however, the pictures do not  have to be developed to have them copied and printed into a book format. You just need to get them onto and out of your devices.

I am sure many of you are saying, “Of course I would like to have photo books to preserve my special moments but it is way too complicated.” That is until now. You now have BoomerSurf.com to hold your hand, along with recommendations for some of the best photo book companies.  Please keep in mind that the best photo book company is the one that meets your needs.

So, take your pictures, get them into your devices, and we will help you overcome the obstacles of making your first Photo Book.

For a comprehensive review of some of the most popular photo books for 2014, click on  http://photo-book-review.toptenreviews.com/.





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