Search – Finding things using Search – PC Windows 7

Search – Finding things using Search – PC Windows 7

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 Why do you want to do this?

We all know what a time consuming pain in the neck it is to keep looking for things on your computer because you can’t remember where you stored them. With search, you can find an old email, document or photo easily.

Search in Windows 7 is located on the Start menu.

How do you do this?

1.  Click on the Start menu button on the bottom left of the screen, as shown in the image below from Microsoft, to open the Start menu.pc_tip_windows7_search_1

2. In the Start menu, click in the Search box and type in any word that describes what you are looking for, and the search begins. You don’t have to remember which file or folder you have put something in.pc_tip_windows7_search_2

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