Undo Mistakes – PC and Mac

Undo Mistakes – PC and Mac

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We all do it.  Write something then want to erase it, quickly.  And then, decide that we want it back. Or, we accidentally delete something and then panic.

Don’t worry.   Our computers are programmed to enable us to undo the last change made and to get back accidental deletions.

This tip works the same for Mac and PC except

  • On a PC, you press Control and Z (Ctrl Z) together at the same time.
  • On a Mac,  you press Command and Z  (Command Z) together at the same time.

BommerSurfers examples of undoing everyday mistakes.

I decide to make this bold….If you use Ctrl Z it will undo the bold type and it will bring the regular type back and look like this…….I decide to make this bold.

Or,  I decide to get really fancy and make…..If you use Ctrl Z.…red.  That doesn’t look right either.  How do I change it back to black type?  You got the idea…. Crtl Z. I know it sounds confusing but give it a try. It comes in very handy.

Now lets get to BIG Mistakes.

You highlighted a whole section of text because you wanted to cut and paste it into another part.  You meant to touch “cut” but instead you accidentally hit “delete”. Bye-bye text forever!  NO. You can restore this section of text.   That’s right. Ctrl Z.

Or, I’m writing a report. I don’t like a sentence so I highlight it and then delete.  I stop to think. That sentence was really needed. I hope I can restore it exactly as I wrote it.   I press Ctrl z and the deleted sentence reappears.

Generally, you cannot undo a mistake in a document after you save it.   However, some programs do permit you to correct the mistake under these conditions.   You delete something from your document and then save it. Immediately afterwards, you realize that you should not have made this deletion.   You might still be able to recover the deleted text if you immediately press Ctrl z.  Worth a try!!!

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