Keyboard Shortcuts – Mac

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What are keyboard shortcuts?

Keyboard shortcut are combination of keys that make special actions happen.

Why use them? 

Have you recently opened an email and wanted to make the font larger, or wanted to copy and paste something very quickly to another document, or deleted something and then wanted to bring it back quickly? This is all possible with the press of two keys together. Don’t worry about memorizing them….just try one or two for awhile and you will not forget them! They become very important friends! Below you will find some useful shortcuts.


1. Make font size bigger   =

2. Make font size smaller   -

3. Copy   c

4. Paste   v

5. Undo the last action   z

6. Refresh the webpage   r

7. Select all the items in a specific area   a

8. Open a new window   n

9. Open a new tab   t


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