Transfer of Apps from iPad to iPhone – iPad/iPhone

Transfer of Apps from iPad to iPhone – iPad/iPhone

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Advantages of knowing this:

Many of you have more than one device and would like to be able to use the same Apps on all your devices. You may want to watch or listen to something at home on your iPad like NPR (National Public Radio) and then listen to it in the car. You will not be charged for the same App on different devices as long as you are using the same account.

How do you do this?    

1. Connect iPad to your computer with the cord and connect to the USB port.                                                   

USB and cord 2. Open iTunes ITunes icon on your computer by clicking on the icon . Wait a few seconds and it will start to automatically back up your iPad to your computer.

3. Disconnect your iPad from the computer.

4. Connect your iPhone to your computer.

5. Click on iTunes. ITunes icon

6. Click on App store icon App icon on toolbar. Click on iPhone and it will open as a menu bar. In the drop-down menu look for Apps and then press sync to sync the Apps.

7. Some Apps are specific to iPad and iPhone and you will need to download those that are specific to the device. In the search bar put in the name of the App again and then press install. You will need to put in your Apple Password again for these too.



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