Settings basics – iPad

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Why do you need to know this?

Settings IMG_0019 is where you make choices for how your iPad works for you. You need it for setting up your Wi-Fi and mail accounts in addition to changing your sound levels. It is found on the Home Page (The first page you see when you open your iPad).

How do you do this?

1. Tap (touch screen) General on left side of the screen. This show you the settings you have and may want to change. You may have to scroll down to see all your choices. Tap at bottom and push up with finger to scroll. Any changes you want to make are done on the right side of the screen. Once again, you may have to scroll down to see all your choices.


2. A choice on the left hand side of screen shows the changes you can make on the right side to that category (e.g. Sounds) and the settings for sound choices. The right hand side of the screen controls the sounds in the various applications (Apps).



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