iPad email Glitch – Can receive but not send mail

iPad email Glitch – Can receive but not send mail

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Why do you want to know this?

Have you ever experienced a time when mail from one of your email accounts does not go out but it does come in?  You keep putting in your correct password but it still does not work. In the meantime the mail goes into your outbox and you may not realize why people say they don’t get your mail. You have no idea what they are talking about. It is very frustrating but there is a solution.

1. Tap your settings icon. ipad-settings-icon

2. Under Settings scroll down and tap where it says Mail, Contacts,Calendars (highlighted below)                                                                                                                                3. On right side of this page you will see your accounts.                                                        4. Tap the account that is giving you trouble.

settings    mail

5. Tap where it says Delete Account in red. You will get it back and all your mail is still stored on your account so don’t worry.

. photo 3

You are ready to put the account back. Yes, this is like turning on and off your computer and sometimes the issue is just that simple….a small glitch somewhere that just needs a refresher once in a great while.

1. Tap on Mail, Contacts, Calendars again and then look to the right column under Accounts. 2. Tap Add Account

settings    mail

3. You will see choices for the accounts you have. If you don’t see account name listed, then tap Other at the very bottom.

photo 4

4. Enter your username and password and you will see your account reappear.

photo 5

5. Best to test it out. If you have more than one email address send an email from that address to yourself. If not, you can send to a friend and make sure they receive it.


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