Installing Chrome on a MAC using Safari

Installing Chrome on a MAC using Safari

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1. Open Safari. Type in in your address bar at the top of your screen and click enter.


2. Click on the blue “Download now” button.


3. Click on blue “Accept and Install” button.


4. Safari automaticity downloads the file googlechrome.dmg. Once it is done, open Finder and click on the Downloads folder on the side bar. Look for googlechrome.dmg and double click on it.


5.You will then see a window pop up that says Google Chrome. Drag (click and hold the left mouse button on a file and move it and stop clicking over the target) the chrome icon over to the application below and drop it.


6. It will move chrome to the application folder and install it.


7. Go to application folder. You will see all your Applications you have on your computer in this folder. 

8. Double click on Chrome to open it.


9. The computer will say “Google Chrome” is an application downloaded from the Internet. Are you sure you want to open it? It is safe to Click on open. The welcome box will ask you if you want to set Google Chrome as you default browser. We do suggest checking this unless you prefer another browser.


10. You now have Chrome installed on your Mac.

11. Next comes the set-up where you put in your gmail account and your password. You can also choose to have Google Chrome save your password. We do suggest this.

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