Install Chrome on a PC using Internet Explorer

Install Chrome on a PC using Internet Explorer

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1. Open Internet Explorer.


2. Type in your  address bar and click enter.


3. Click on blue download now.


4. Unmark the first check mark if you don’t want Chrome to be your default browser.  Mark the second check box if your would like to send google reports about      your browser not working right.

5. Click on accept and install.


6. The computer will show the message “do you want to allow the following program to make changes to this computer?”  Don’t worry, the only change Chrome       makes is installing itself on your computer.

7. Click yes.


8. Chrome will download and install itself.  It will take about 2 minutes with high speed internet, so have patience.


9. Chrome will ask you to  make it your default browser and we recommend that you do that. Click on next. 


10. Click on Google Chrome.


11. You now have installed Chrome on your PC!

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