How to download an App – iPhone and iPad

How to download an App – iPhone and iPad

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If you own a computer, you have a variety of programs that do different jobs for you. On the iPad or iPhone these are called Apps (Applications). Your devices come with a number of preloaded common Apps (Calendar, Contacts, Maps, Mail, Safari). There are thousands more you can download from their store (many FREE or at a low cost) that will make your device more fun and useful.

You will first need to have an account set up through Apple. This may have been done for you when you activated your device. If not, call Apple and they will be able to help you. The Name on you account is your email address. You also set up a Password. Be sure to write down the Name (email address) and Password since you will be using them every time you want to buy an App. You will need to enter your email address and Password even to download the Free Apps.

Free Apps usually have ads and are a mini version of Apps they want you to purchase. You can always delete the free version later if you buy a different version.

How do you do this?

1) Touch the App Store icon 1 app store icon to open the store.

2) For this example we will download the Free – USA Today App. Tap in the Search Box (click on the magnifying glass at the top right hand corner of the screen). Type the words “USA Today” in the box and then touch Search on your typing pad. A drop down menu will appear with a number of choices. Touch the item in the drop down menu that is noted for your device (iPad or iPhone).











3) This App is free. Touch the button that says FREE and it will change and say INSTALL APP. Touch the button again and the screen will change and ask you for your Password (hope you remembered to write it down). If you own both the iPad and iPhone, you use the same Name (email address) and Password no matter which device you are using.












5) Once you have entered the correct Password, the App will be loaded onto your device. A blue progress bar will show you when the installation is complete. The button will now say OPEN.












6) Touch the OPEN button and the App will be open on your device.

7) Explore the recent news and stories. When you are finished using the App press the Home Button at the bottom of your device. This will close the App and bring you back to your Home Screen where your other Apps are located. As you purchase more Apps you will have more screens to view on your device. Swipe your finger to the right or left to see all your screens.

8) Once you have purchased an App (free or paid) you will receive an email from Apple showing your purchase. This App will now be available for all your devices with no extra charge, but you must go to the App store on your other device and download it with the above process. Remember thatyou use the same Name (email address) and Password no matter which device you are on.



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