Finding Travel Apps – iPad and iPhone

Finding Travel Apps – iPad and iPhone

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Boomers love to travel and the iPad and iPhone are helpful companions on your trips in the US and abroad. There are too many travel Apps to even try to name them. Some will help you navigate new locations, while others will help you understand cultures. In future tips we will name specific types of Apps, but first you need to know where to look for them. You can do some of your own research and exploring in the App Store once you know where to go.

How do you find travel Apps?

1) Touch the App Store icon 1 app store icon on the screen and you will automatically be brought to Apple’s online store for purchasing Apps. There are thousands of Apps (some are free and some for purchase) and to search all of them is daunting. It is important to realize they are separated into categories to make the search easier.

2) Once you are in the Apple Store, look at the top of the screen and note: All Categories, Games, Newsstand and More. Travel Apps are found under the heading More. Touch more and a drop down menu will appear. You will have to scroll down the list to find the word Travel. Touch the word Travel and only Apps related to Travel will appear.

2 finding travel apps

3) To further refine your search, type a travel related word in the search box in the top right corner of the screen (Paris travel).  Note that at the top of the screen you can choose iPad or iPhone Apps.

3 paris

4)  Once you have found an App that interests you, touch the App and you can explore it more closely.

4 paris app icon         

5) Always review the App before attempting to make a purchase. Touch the word Details to see what the App looks like when in use. Swipe your finger to the left on the featured pictures to see more views of the App in use.  Touch Ratings and Reviews to see what other people think of the App.

5 look at paris app

6) To purchase the App, touch the button that tells the price of the App or Free. You will be asked for your Apple Password before you are allowed to make a purchase. This is required even if the App is Free.

Happy Travels!

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