Dropbox – Uploading photos online – PC

Dropbox – Uploading photos online – PC

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Advantages of knowing this:

Sometimes you have large picture files you would like to share with family and friends that are too large to send via regular e-mail. By using Dropbox you can send these files easily. In addition to making it easier for you it is nicer for the recipient who prefers to not clutter up her/his computer with large picture files.

How do you upload images to Dropbox online?

1. Navigate to www.Dropbox.com

2. On the home page, click the link in the upper right corner that says “Sign in”.


3. When the drop-down menu appears, enter your email and password and click “Sign in”.


4. If you haven’t created any folders yet, click on the create folder icon.  If you already have your folders created, skip to step 6.


5. When you click on the create folder icon, a new line will be created in the middle of the page with a blank text box.  Click inside the text box and enter a name for the folder, such as Grandkids Pictures, then hit the enter key on your keyboard.


6. Click on the folder you just created, or on any folder you want to add pictures to.


7. Once you’ve navigated to your folder of choice, click the upload icon.


8. When the drop-down menu appears, click the blue button on the bottom right.  The button will either say “Choose files” or “Choose a file”.


9. When the window opens, navigate to where your pictures are located on your computer.  Highlight the picture you want, and click “Open”.


10. A status bar will appear showing your file uploading. When it is done, click the “Done” button. Your picture is now uploaded to your Dropbox account.


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