Did You Know?

Solutions for your everyday life


1. Finding hard to find phone numbers.

You can actually connect with a live person at almost any company.  Use Gethuman.com for phone numbers that will deliver fast results! http://gethuman.com/.


2. Live-Saving information to add to your iPhone

Beginning with the Iphone 6 there is a built in Health App that has an emergency feature (Medical ID). This vital health information can be accessed even when your phone is locked. If you have an emergency the medical personnel will know what to be aware of, including your blood type, medications, allergies and an emergency contact. Click on the link below for step-by-step instructions on how to add your information.  https://boomersurf.com/health-app-on-ios-to-potentially-save-your-life/


3. Reading on Kindle available on all your devices

You can read a book from Amazon on your smart phones and tablets from anywhere.  Download the Kindle App from the App store (Click here to download for iPhone) or the Google Play Store (Click here to download for Android).


4. Finding your car in parking lots.

You can easily find your car in a parking lot. Take a picture with your smart phone of where your car is parked before leaving.

5. You have an alarm clock in your smart phone.

Your smart phone has a built in alarm clock in the App called Clock.


6. Your iPhone has a built in tape recorder.

This is located in the App called Voice Memos.


7. You can increase or decrease the size of the text on your screen

 To increase press on Ctrl+ (PC) or Command+ (Mac).     To decrease just press Ctrl – (PC) or Command – (Mac)

cmd +                               cmd -