Currency Conversion App for Traveling

Currency Conversion App for Traveling

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Why do you want to know this?

Boomers love to travel, but keeping track of the value of your money in a foreign currency can be confusing. Currency values vary from day to day and you may want to track what is happening. The Currency Conversion Apps help you understand how much you are spending in dollars. You can also use the app to  plan how much money you will need to bring during your trip. You will need Wi-Fi access for the most up-to-date conversions, but the Internet is provided in many hotels around the world. There are also many Internet Cafes that provide Wi-Fi.

Note: Currency converters only help you understand the value of your money in Dollars. It can not actually convert money for your use.

How do you do this?

1) Touch the App Store picture (icon) on the screen and you will automatically be brought to Apple’s online store for purchasing Apps.

1 app store icon

2) Type currency converter in the search box at the top right hand corner of the screen  and do a search.                                   DownArrowSeventyPercentNoBackground                                                                    currency converter









3) Many of the Apps are Free and they are very good. Pick an App and explore it before deciding. Remember, you will need an account set up and password to purchase an App even if it is FREE.

**Go to tip on “How to download an App from the Apple Store” if you need more help on how to get an App.

(One example is shown below, but you may find another App you like better.)

currency 2



currency 3


4) You can set up your favorite currencies to convert, depending on where you will be traveling (be sure to include U.S. Dollar in your favorites). Touch U.S. Dollar and type in the amount you want to convert. (i.e. $100.00) Press Convert once you have chosen the amount and it will automatically convert to all your favorite currencies. (Remember you will need Wi-Fi available to see the most up-to-date conversions.)currency 4a

5) If you want to find the cost of an item you want to purchase, chose the currency of the country you are in and type in the amount. (i.e. Mexican Peso) Press Convert and look at the U.S. Dollar value.




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