Connecting to Wi-Fi – PC (Windows 8)

Connecting to Wi-Fi – PC (Windows 8)

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1. Click on Wi-Fi icon on the Task-bar at the bottom of your 8 wifi 1 copy

2. Choose the network you want to connect to and click on it’s name. (We will connect to a network called 5ghz).win 8 wifi 2 copy

3. After clicking on the network name a menu will appear. The checked box in the menu means that the computer will connect automatically to this network once he sees it (if its your home network we recommend keeping the box checked). You can uncheck it if you like.                    4. Click on connectwin 8 wifi 3 copy

5. If the network is private the computer will ask for the password. Write it in the white text box and click 8 wifi 4 copy

6. If you are connecting to your house Wi-Fi click yes. It will automatically connect your computer to any TV or printers on your 8 wifi 5 copy

You should now be connected to the network you chose and can start surfing the web. If you are having any problem with this please click on Live Help and we will walk you through it.




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