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There are many Bridge sites to choose from where you can play the computer or with live people.

We chose this one since you can start for free and then move up to their paid version if you like. Click on Bridge4Free to go directly to their site.  Below is a short description of what they say on their homepage.

Why is this site free?

“Free? – You MUST BE KIDDING! -Surely there is a catch? There is no catch and we are not kidding, it is free! Play for FREE as long as you like. Bridge4Free

Bridge4Free is a promotional site for our Premier Bridge Club, BridgeClubLive  that uses the same style of software for both.

However, Bridge Club Live has a full ethics panel, a full range of competitions, barometers, and ladders, social events where members meet face to face – and much, much more…… We believe you will like it so much you will want to upgrade.”




Please give us your feedback about this site so we can keep others posted about our viewers opinions and preferences. Thank you in advance.

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